Grünheide energy quarter: Mondas develops data monitoring and IoT operations management

Energiequartier Grünheide BA1

A new Mondas IoT reference project is currently being built in Bielefeld: In the “Grünheide” development area, 398 residential units are currently being built to KfW40+ and KfW50 energy standards. They are all supplied via a low-temperature local heating network with heat from four electric heat pumps connected in cascade. On the roofs of apartment buildings deliver in the final stage of construction 29 PV systems with a total of 680 kWp of electricity for tenants and to power the heat pumps. To complete this, the remaining demand is covered by certified green electricity.

We are particularly pleased about this project. Because here investors, operators, planners and project developers are realizing a visionary lighthouse project for a post-fossil heat supply. Until now this has often been considered uneconomical. Especially against the backdrop of the current energy and gas crisis, such concepts are proving to be particularly promising. The bottom line is that the Grünheide Energy Quarter will be heated almost exclusively with renewable energies in the future. Foresightedly, a gas connection was dispensed with.

On behalf of Grünheide Energie GmbH and in cooperation with our long-term partner Enerquinn GmbH, Mondas is now designing a data monitoring system tailored to the energy quarter, with which the generation data of the heat pumps and photovoltaic systems, the battery and heat storage systems, and the consumption values in the house connection stations are recorded and analyzed. With the IoT connection the business management of the plants becomes particularly easy.

The first construction phase of the residential quarter has already been completed and handed over. Moreover, work has also begun on laying the heating network. Likewise, the energy center is under construction at the time of going to press.

You can read a detailed project description here under reference projects.